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Look Out Ladies: Anti-Woman Bills from the Arizona Legislature Are Coming Your Way!

For many people, the start of the New Year is marked by plans and vows to make life changes and start fresh. Some people go on diets , some give up nasty habits, and others reconcile differences with loved ones. Then there are those who set out to impose on the lives and health of millions of Arizonans, as is the case of for 61 of the 90 Arizona Legislators. This year’s legislative session was a deliberate, detrimental attack on women’s freedoms, women’s health and the intelligence of women to make decisions regarding their own bodies, their fate and their lives.

Through the nine anti-choice bills that were proposed by members of the House and Senate, opponents of Planned Parenthood sought to mandate regulations that try to eliminate abortion out of existence, stigmatize not only abortion, but the individuals who seek this type of medical care as well as harass the Planned Parenthood network including patients, staff, volunteers and supporters.

House Bill 2416 is one of the bills that try to eliminate abortion out of existence. It redefines taking the abortion pill as “surgery.” It is clearly an unnecessary, extravagant, over-regulation that will result in more than half of Arizona’s miniscule population of abortion providers becoming ineligible to provide care. Women who live in Arizona’s rural areas will lose access to abortion entirely, as abortion-by-pill is currently the only form of care outside Phoenix and Tucson. Because abortion-by-pill is used by women in the fifth to ninth week of pregnancy, this proposal aims to reduce abortion early in pregnancy which could result in more surgical abortion which is potentially riskier than by pill. Continue reading

Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

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  • Dispensing heaping doses of judgment but not medication: Illinois Pharmacists can now legally opt not to do their jobs by denying women Emergency Contraception (Care2 Blog)

Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Craptastic Kansas “Mega Bill” Would Deny Non-Profit Status to Abortion Providers (Feministing)
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  • Texas lawmakers approve bills requiring ultrasound before abortion (CNN)
  • The mom whose young daughters face ended up on a race-bating anti-choice billboard in NYC wants an apology from the group responsible for the ad (and rightfully so!). But for some reason, I have a hunch that no apology cometh. (WSJ)
  • Prepare to be stunned: A new report found “solid evidence that anti-abortion legislation has an impact on the childbearing decisions of women.” Who would have ever guessed that??? (US News)

Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Women seeking birth control subjected to unnecessary pelvic exams (MSNBC)
  • ACLU Cites Walgreens For Refusing Emergency Contraception to Men (Time)
  • Dr. Carhart to Face Firestorm in Maryland, More Stalking (Ms. Magazine)
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Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

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Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • New bill would set strict disclosure requirements for crisis pregnancy centers in NY (WSJ)
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Pro-Choice News Rundown

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