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ACT NOW – More Attacks on Planned Parenthood in Arizona


You wouldn’t believe what we’re seeing in the Arizona Legislature. Anti-choice legislators have launched one of the most shocking attacks on women’s health we’ve ever seen. Last Wednesday easily could have been dubbed “Anti-Woman Day” at the Arizona Legislature. Several anti-choice bills were voted on in two committees that day, including two resolution bills, HCR2034 and SCR1017, which have the singular purpose of singing the praises of deceptive Crisis Pregnancy Centers, as well as three of the other anti-woman bills we alerted you to last week, SB1246 (the bill that redefines taking a pill as a surgical abortion), HB2443 (Abortion; Sex and Race Selection; Prohibition) and SB1265 (Tax Credit Ban on Planned Parenthood). Despite all of your emails last week, all of these bills passed out of their committees.

Take a moment and view the hearings on these bills; you will be shocked! Our legislators hear the truth about how these bills will hurt women AND VOTE FOR THEM ANYWAY! They need to hear from you!  Continue reading

Join Us for 30 Days For Choice

We’re just a few weeks away from the November election. That means it’s crunch time for getting out the pro-choice vote!

This election is the most dangerous Arizona women and families have ever faced.  That’s because it is possible that politicians who oppose women’s health care and prevention-focused sexual health education could sweep every one of the state’s five major statewide offices. This would represent the first time since Roe V Wade that every one of Arizona’s statewide offices will be held by anti-choice officials.

30 Days for Choice!
Follow Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona on Twitter and Facebook so you can get the facts about some of Arizona’s candidates. We’ll keep you informed about the pro-choice candidates, and let you know how you can get involved to make a difference in the outcome of the November election.

Let’s get out the pro-choice vote! Please invite your family and friends to follow Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. Each of us can make a tremendous difference. So stay tuned . . .