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Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Gardasil vaccine protects men against HPV too! (Time)
  • An Unfortunate History Of Abortion Provider Evictions
  • It never, ever ends: Ohio introducing a bill to outlaw abortion once a fetus develops a heartbeat (ABC News)
  • As They Seek to Ban Abortion, GOP Also Moves to Eliminate Title X Family Planning Program (RH Reality Check)
  • Pittsburgh settles lawsuit with anti-choice street harasser protester who attested the city’s buffer zones around clinics hindered her ability to yell at strangers and pass out propaganda (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)
  • The Economics of Abortion (Politics Daily)
  • Great OP-ED from New York Times columnist Gail Collins about the siege of Planned Parenthood (NYT)

Anti-Choice Onslaught at the AZ Capitol this Week: Stand Up for Women NOW!

This Wednesday could easily be dubbed “Anti-Woman Day” at the Arizona Legislature. Several anti-choice bills will be voted on in two committees that day, and if the votes go anything like last Wednesday’s House Health Committee vote, women don’t stand a chance. We need YOUR help this week. Please TAKE ACTION on BOTH items to stand up for women in Arizona.

First, THANK YOU for taking action last week by emailing the House Health Committee about the two bills that were up for vote. HB2443 (Gender and Race Selection) did not receive a hearing that day, but stay tuned for movement on that bill again soon.

Unfortunately, with HB2416, ideology once again trumped science at the Legislature! In testimony, Planned Parenthood Medical Director, Dr. Taylor, took questions from the panel of legislators. One legislator, Peggy Judd, could not understand why handing a woman a pill was different from a surgical procedure, ignoring the medical common sense evidence that Dr. Taylor presented during the hearing to decide whether abortion-by-pill should be subject to the same clinic regulations as a surgical abortion. The committee ultimately decided….it should be.

The hearing was fraught with misinformation,  and debate was shut down before pro-choice legislators even had a chance to ask their questions.  Continue reading

Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Republicans have rescinded their intention to try and redefine rape in order to get in the way of a woman’s right to choose (Slate)
  • Requiring Insurers to Offer Free Contraceptives = Win (NYT)
  • Anti-choice movement becoming especially proficient in race-baiting (RH Reality Check)
  • Arizona women in rural areas may not be able to access abortion thanks to push for new legislation (AZ Daily Sun)
  • Teens Answer: Why I Had a Baby (Time)
  • FBI investigating asinine hoax against Planned Parenthood (TPM)
  • Check out this super nifty map breaking down new state level anti-choice bills (Ms. Magazine)
  • AZ Republican wants to ban abortions sought on the premise of race or sex. Because that’s such an epidemic… NOT! (AZ Capitol Times)

ACTION ALERT: Second Anti-Choice Bill in House Committee TOMORROW!

ACT NOW: Tell the House Health Committee to VOTE NO on HB2443!

We apologize for the second action alert in a matter of hours, but we just found out that the House Health and Human Services Committee will be voting on a second anti-choice bill tomorrow, in addition to HB2416, which we alerted you to earlier today.  HB2443 will also be voted on TOMORROW, and we need you to email the committee members and encourage them to VOTE NO on this bill as well.

Here is some background information on this bill:
House Bill 2443 – Abortion; Sex; Race Selection; Prohibition
HB2443 tries to create the impression that women and families are deciding to end pregnancies on the basis of race or gender.  Since there is scant – if any – evidence that such a problem exists, these bills are solely designed to further damage the reputations of women who choose abortion.

This bill will deny abortion care services to women who do not disclose the reason for choosing to terminate a pregnancy   If implemented, this bill will negatively impact medical privacy and provider/patient relationships by requiring a woman to explain why she has elected to terminate her pregnancy and by forcing her to sign an affidavit stating that the abortion is not for sex or race selection.

HB2443 is an insult to all women, many of whom face difficult, emotionally overwhelming decisions for real reasons, not those imagined by proponents of this bill.

Click here to read more information and Planned Parenthood’s analysis of HB2443, and to send a letter opposing HB2443. Then help us spread the word by using the share buttons at the bottom of this post to alert your Facebook and Twitter networks.

TAKE ACTION: Anti-Choice Bill in House Committee TOMORROW!

Tell the House Health Committee: VOTE NO on HB2416!

HB2416 will be voted on in the House Health and Human Services Committee on Wednesday! The legislators on this committee need to hear from you TODAY!

They are going too far!  And they are not done. This bill will radically alter health care availability in Arizona.  Rural women will lose access to abortion entirely, as this bill will effectively ban abortion-by-pill, which is the only form of care outside Phoenix and Tucson.  And, amazingly, this proposal aims to stop abortion early in pregnancy, since abortion-by-pill is used by women in the 6th to the 9th week of pregnancy.

Click here to read more information and Planned Parenthood’s analysis of HB2416, and take action by sending a letter to the House Health and Human Services Committee. Then use our share buttons at the bottom of this post to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.