Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  • Women seeking birth control subjected to unnecessary pelvic exams (MSNBC)
  • ACLU Cites Walgreens For Refusing Emergency Contraception to Men (Time)
  • Dr. Carhart to Face Firestorm in Maryland, More Stalking (Ms. Magazine)
  • If there’s one thing riles up the anti-choice crowd, it’s giving women new ways to prevent pregnancy (RH Reality Check)
  • Personhood amendment proposed to wreak havoc in Florida (FL Independent)
  • The next two years are definitely NOT going to be a picnic for choice: Boehner Hardens Anti-Choice Agenda in Next Congress (Women’s eNews)
  • Pope OK’s Condom Use- But Only if You’re a Gigolo (RH Reality Check)
  • Sarah Palin’s Alaska Riddled with Gonorrhea (Huff Po)

One response to “Pro-Choice Friday News Rundown

  1. You know, the way the margins are set up on the particular resolution of my monitor, the words “Boehner Hardens” are dangling at the end of the line, the rest of the sentence not starting until the next line. Not sure if you did it on purpose, but thanks for the subconscious imagery!

    I don’t blame you if you never unscreen this comment.