How Do AZ Voters Know Which District They Live In?

The Arizona voter guides arrived in mailboxes last month. As I started to review the candidates’ statements, I realized that I didn’t know which candidates I was supposed to vote for. What legislative district am I in?

There are two simple ways for voters to find out which district they live in. The Arizona Legislature’s website will help you identify your legislative district – all you have to do is enter you address into their search menu. The Arizona Secretary of State’s website allows you to do a similar search, but it provides additional information. Do you know where to go to cast your ballot? This site will give you the address for your polling place.

Don’t forget to mark you calendars. The Arizona primary election is on Tuesday, August 24. Who will you vote for? To find the list of candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, click over to our website. And stay tuned for in-depth coverage of Arizona’s pro-choice candidates.

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