Is Your Cell Phone Pro-Choice?

If you joined the CREDO campaign to send a coat hanger to the Democrats in Congress who voted in favor of the Stupak amendment, you may have received a flyer in the mail recently about CREDO’s cell phone service. I’ve been a CREDO long distance customer since 2000. I like knowing that a portion of my long distance bill goes towards progressive causes, and that CREDO won’t turn over my phone records to the federal government. They’re the only service provider to take a stand against the Patriot Act. So when I got a flyer from them about how AT&T and Verizon support anti-choice candidates, I was intrigued.

A recent issue of Consumer Reports rated all of the major cell phone providers in the US, and rated Verizon as the number one provider in terms of customer satisfaction. Verizon also rated very high when it came to cost of service. But AT&T is rated the highest when it comes to smart phones and internet accessibility.

CREDO operates on the Sprint cell phone network. Sprint rates very low in terms of customer service, but their ratings are actually pretty decent when it comes to cell phone coverage and internet accessibility. All of my experiences with CREDO’s customer service department have been very positive. When I looked for customer reviews on the internet, the number one complaint that customers had about CREDO is that billing errors are a frequent issue. Like I said, I’ve been with CREDO’s long distance for almost ten years, and I’ve ever had a problem with billing. However, when I was an ATT customer, I had frequent issues with my cell phone bill. And Sprint’s customer service is the worst ever in my opinion.

When I put out a request for feedback on Twitter and Facebook to see if anyone else has used CREDO’s cell phone service, I only had three responses from people who have used their service. All three had positive feedback, though. So I’m seriously thinking about taking the plunge. CREDO’s pricing for a family plan with internet access is comparable to Verizon’s. They don’t have a wide selection of phones, but I really just want to know that I will be able to make a phone call and hop onto the web during work hours. Having the sleekest smart phone with lots of apps really isn’t important to me.

CREDO’s politics are truly the strongest point that they have in their favor. The list of pro-choice causes that they support is pretty extensive. And I like knowing that the money I fork over to the phone company each month isn’t lining anti-choice coffers.

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